Page 30- The claim is made that the manufacturer of the radar scanner, GSSI of Hudson, NH, states that they do not believe the formation to contain man-made structure: "Fenner goes on to indicate that neither he nor GSSI believes the formation to be manmade."

RESPONSE- We have an article entitled, "Archaeologist certain he's found the ark" dated August 3, 1986. We received this article in 1992 from GSSI in their information packet which they send out to people interested in the sub-surface interface radar scanners (appendix H). It's rather strange that they would deny that they believe this to contain man-made structure when in 1992, they are using this article in their advertising. In the article, Joe Rosetta, the retired vp of GSSI (and also Tom Fenner's boss at the time) is quoted: "Although Rosetta would not reveal his opinion about Wyatt's claim, he said of the buried object, ~You'd never see anything like that in natural geology....Some human made this structure, whatever it is."

We also recently received another advertisement on the GSSI radar which again mentions it's use on the Noah's Ark site: "GSSI systems have traveled to Egypt to search for underground tombs 4,000 years old, to Turkey to locate the true resting place of Noah's Ark, and to the Arabian peninsula to find the site of an ancient city that was a spice-trading center."

Joe Rosetta also appeared on the Hudson NH television channel 9 in an interview in which he states, while displaying the actual scan from the ark, which we show in our presentations: "This data is not, does not represent natural geology- its a man-made structure. These reflections are occurring very periodic, too periodic to be random natural-type interfaces."

We do not ask nor expect GSSI, nor any other research facility, to conclude that the evidence proves it to be Noah's Ark- we simply state their conclusions as to what the tests or evidence represent, such as the fact that the radar scans definitely indicate man-made structure. When Joe Rosetta viewed the data, he was shown the video of the scan in progress on the site. So he, as well as Tom Fenner, not only saw the results of the scans, but also the work in progress with the scan results being printed as the scan took place. When Ron went to GSSI, he videoed the entire process of their interpreting the scan results, and we have that video in our possession.


Page 31- The claim is made that the deck timber has not been tested, etc. We have extensive testing done on this sample, most of which will remain confidential until we are finished working. However, we can positively prove that the lab tests prove it to contain organic carbon, and that it has been examined by thin section under electron microscope.

RESPONSE- In our forthcoming video, will be seen testing on the deck timber at Galbraith Labs,- testing for total carbon, which includes both organic and inorganic, and then testing for only inorganic. The presence of organic carbon is proven by subtracting the total of inorganic carbon from the total carbon. The result is the amount of organic carbon. This test, which is only one of the numerous testing done on this deck timber, shows that there was .7019% organic carbon in the timber. The presence of any organic carbon proves the object was not a rock, but does contain once-living matter. (.7100% total carbon less .0081% inorganic carbon = .7019% organic carbon)

The timber was taken to Teledyne-Allvac labs where it was examined by electron microscope in 1992. I personally videoed the entire process, including the entire process with the electron microscope- filming the screens as they were viewed. We have all of these results filed along with photographs of the thin sections, etc. We also have a very large number of witnesses as well, as Richard Rives of Matthews, NC accompanied us, and numerous personnel of Teledyne witnessed the work and are all on video.


PAGE 33- Trying to refute the claim that Turkish scientists found 4 foot long metal rods: "As for the report of the Turkish archaeologists finding eight pairs of long forked metal rods, etc., the only source of that story is Wyatt himself."

RESPONSE- In the article referred to earlier of the John Baumgardner report at Los Alamos Labs (appendix A) it is stated:

"Since the American team's August visit the Turkish government has sent an archaeological group to the site and recovered four-foot-long iron spikes, petrified wood and other metal objects, Baumgardner said." As a scientist, he isn't going to report to Los Alamos Labs something he doesn't know to be fact.


PAGE 33- Several claims are made that Dr. Bayraktutan, a member of the Noah's Ark Commission, does not support Ron's claims. They even state that he accuses Ron of "planting" artifacts on the site: "...not only most emphatically does not support this and other claims, but is at pains to dissociate himself from almost all of Wyatt's claims about the site, expressing grave doubts about how much of Wyatt's `evidence' actually found its way on to the site".

RESPONSE- In late July of 1992, I personally was with Ron when he met with Dr. Bayraktutan in Erzurum, Turkey in the dining room of the Grand Erzurum Hotel. I witnessed the entire conversation and personally asked him questions about certain things. He told us that 2 individuals had done a core drill in 1988 and still owed the Turkish government quite a large amount of money resulting from the cost of building a road to take the core drill equipment onto the site, plus the cost of the equipment. The last statement he made as we stood up to walk out was, "We are still 100% sure it is the ark- don't worry." Salih Bayraktutan is on the Noah's Ark Commission, but he isn't the head of it. Ron deals directly with the various ministries in Ankara.

As to the accusation that Ron's samples "made their way on to the site", we have a signed statement from witnesses who were present (our 1990 tour group) when Ron found the fossilized rivet. I, myself, found the animal hairs; Greg Brewer found the antler; Dr. Nathan Meyers found one of the chunks of ballast- none of these were found secretly- all were in the presence of numerous people.