In the edge of the mountains of Lebanon, over 2,300 feet above sea-level is Baalbek. Nothing is known of this site prior to the time the Romans came in and built magnificent buildings over the existing remains. But it is the existing remains which are the most astounding ever found. In the below photo is seen the largest hewn stone on earth. It measures 68 feet by 14 feet. (Note the man standing by it and the one lying atop it.) Today, with our sophisticated engineering methods, it is doubtful that we could even lift stones such as those of this size.

 But these early builders not only chiseled out these "humongous" blocks, they moved them! At right, is seen the ancient foundation of a building at Baalbek which the Romans much later built upon. Note the size of the man standing on the left side, about 1/3 up from the bottom. Three great stones in this foundation measure 63'x13'x10' and were placed above the sub-structure which measures 23 feet. Whoever built this structure had engineering abilities beyond our wildest dreams. This is an example of the pre-flood knowledge passed from Noah and his sons to their descendants after the flood. And as time passed, man LOST much of this knowledge and ability.